American Masters On PBS Profiles Philanthropist Mogul David Geffen

Last evening (Tuesday 11/20) I watched an excellent American Masters documentary about media mogul David Geffen.

Geffen as many know is one of the recording industry legends who brought us many recording artists and their music from Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills and Nash, and Jackson Browne when he was their manager and then continued on with his own recording label Asylum Records which had among its stable of artists The Eagles, Bob Dylan and Linda Ronstadt.

In 1972 Geffen sold Asylum Records to Warner Communications which merge it with Warner’s Electra Records which he ran until he left in 1975 to be vice-chairman of Warner Brothers Studios. That move as told in the documentary proved to be a lackluster debut in the film industry in that Geffen didn’t know (or refused to play) the Hollywood game of studio politics.

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The Detective Hollywood’s Look At NYC Police Homophobia

It was a Saturday night in the spring of 1968 when my folks took me to the Palace movie theater on Main Street in Danbury to see Frank Sinatra’s latest movie.

Had they known in advance the subject matter I’m sure they would have left me home to watch TV.

Fourteen years old at the time and increasingly becoming aware of my sexuality I left the theater with one impression.

The only good homosexual is a dead homosexual, either murdered or one who has committed suicide.

Tough stuff for a teenager and anyone who was gay or bisexual. Herein lies the tale of one of the most gut wrenching films any gay or bi could have seen at the time or even since then in its condemnation of homosexuality. The Detective.

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