Anderson Cooper Comes Out But Many Reporters Need To Stay In

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Dubai, UAE – The body of freelance journalist Thomas White was found dumped on a city street in Dubai early Saturday morning after he was reported by colleagues as being kidnapped Thursday afternoon near his apartment.Witnesses to the kidnapping say a black van pulled up as White was walking down the street where he lived and three men rushed out, grabbed and put White into the van which then sped off.

White’s body was discovered dumped two miles away and according to authorities had been mutilated with a note pinned on what was remaining of his clothing which roughly translated to “no faggots in Dubai”.

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Facebook Pulls Lesbian Kiss Photo Celebrating No Homophobia Day

Italian facebook gay kissI detest Facebook. The only reason I’m on it is to keep in touch with some family, folks I went to school with and to give friends and co-workers a chuckle now and then.

That being said what Metro the news outlet in the UK reported comes as no surprise to me. It seems the Facebook police got a report from someone, a “friend” of an Italian mom of one who put up the photo and said “friend” thought it was disgusting and reported it to Facebook.

The photo was was put up to promote International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Facebook contacted the 28 year-old woman, who is not gay by the way, and told her to remove the image as it “violated the community’s standard on nudity and pornography”.

To wit her account was taken down for three days until Facebook “realized” an error in judgement on their part and re-activated the account. After I post this on my Facebook the offending photo will appear twice. Let’s see how long it takes for the Facebook police to swat my account.

Lesson to be learned when on Facebook … choose your “friends” carefully.

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