When Will Gay Players Come Out In Major League Baseball

Everyone has a passion. Mine is baseball. It’s a long dry spell from the end of the World Series to MLB opening day and thankfully today the dry spell is over with the first regular season game tonight.

With that in mind and as I have on the previous versions of FOTR since 2009 including at Hearst Newspapers, today is dedicated to the baseball player, high school, college, minor league and pro who feel because of the sport itself, the fans, educational institutions and MLB executives, they need to stay in the closet.

So far as we know there has been only one baseball player who was “out” while still playing and that was Glenn Burke. Burke who played for both the LA Dodgers and Oakland Athletics was out to both teammates and management during his run as a pro player from 1976 to 1979.

During three of those years I was a radio sportscaster and while he may have been “out” to the aforementioned it wasn’t, as least as I can remember from those days, public knowledge as that certainly would have stuck with me both at the time and through today.

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