“Hey, Wait A Minute, Mr Kramer” ….. Andrew Sully vs Larry Kramer

The Dish

Again, on my week off, Larry Kramer sounded off about the breakthrough in HIV prevention made possible by Truvada, the one-pill-a-day drug that reduces your risk of contracting HIV by 99 percent:

Anybody who voluntarily takes an antiviral every day has got to have rocks in their heads. There’s something to me cowardly about taking Truvada instead of using a condom. You’re taking a drug that is poison to you, and it has lessened your energy to fight, to get involved, to do anything.

What on earth is he saying? Flash back to the early-1980s, in the age of The Normal Heart, which just got its HBO premiere (and brought back some of the real terror and horror of the plague years). Imagine a scene when someone rushes into a GMHC meeting and declares that there’s now a pill that will make you immune to HIV if you take…

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Move The 2014 Olympics Another Example Why The World Hates US

anti-usMany here is the United States see the world through rose-tinted glasses. They believe that all around the world see US are the great leader in economics, political agenda and social matters. But truth be told in many a nation average citizens regard us as frauds and bullies pushing our agenda on others and I’m not talking about Muslim countries.

Let’s take for example this call which started here with moving the 2014 Winter Olympics from Russia to Canada because of anti-gay policies in Russia and look at one microcosm of how it will affect people. That microcosm being broadcasting.

To hear George Takei and now others tell it, it will be next to nothing to relocate the Olympics this after several years of preparation on the part of NBC Sports and other TV networks and news agencies from around the world. Yes around the world as you see NBC Sports isn’t the only entity which will be reporting and broadcasting the events. Pick a country which has athletes participating and you will find an organization both large and small which will report prior to, during and after the Olympics are over. The logistics of doing this is not done in a week, month or a couple. Investment, both time and money, in building facilities and all which go with it creating an enviroment to provide coverage isn’t as simple as flicking a switch. Whether those facilities are still available in Vancouver is a mere side thought, if a thought at all, for those who say “move it”.

It is so easy for someone to stand on a soapbox and to start proclaiming good vs evil without much forethought of how to accomplish the goal. That of course is left to others to languish over.

As yet as I can find there aren’t commentaries coming from broadcast or news agencies around the world about this simplistic solution to punish Russia. But given time and if it starts to take on credibility as being, rest assure there will be.

It’s time those in the US learn the sun does not rise and fall on it alone, nor does the world revolve around the whims, and sometimes stupid at that, of Americans.

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