Career Ending Homophobia Hollywood’s Deepest And Darkest Secret

Rock-Hudson_imagelarge-thumb-200x180-15715Back towards the end of 2010 on the previous edition of this blog on WordPress I had written about homophobia in Hollywood.

What brought the writing was a comment made by actor Richard Chamberlain sometime after he “came out” and when discussing actors and actresses who are LG or B he offered the suggestion they should stay in the closet or risk their acting careers at least in Hollywood.

At the time that posting was one of the most read I had ever written and I thought it was lost when I deleted the previous edition of FOTR. But I have been pleasantly surprised to have found it as part of an article a friend of mine wrote on The Bilerico Project a few days after I wrote mine. Below the fold is a copy of the posting and with that in mind, these several years later and with some coming out in Hollywood, has it gotten any better or does homophobia still rear its ugly head among the movers and shakers of Hollywood magic.

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Gay Pride Month Has Ended But The Celebration Of One Continues

empire state building[58]Yes June was quite of month.

We celebrated Pride, SCOTUS ruled in favor of us, polls show more are in favor of us.

Regular folks became advocates and heroes while some came out of the closet and others stepped out of the closet in supporting LGBTs.

We’ve seen a lot since I started blogging about LGBTs back in 2009, four years of progress, still with some setbacks and the ongoing call from the Right and religious that homosexuality is wrong and punishable by death still in some countries and cultures.

Gay bashing continues as does bullying but we are light-years away from where we were in 2009.

As a symbol to remember from where it began this fight for Equality and justice began at a bar in New York City where the oppressed fought back against the police and a bureaucracy headed up by none other than Ed Koch in the Village as Gracie Mansion wanted the streets cleaned up for visitors to The World’s Fair.

Who would have known then when homosexuality was not only a disease of the mind but a crime, when pedophiles were lumped together with gay men and the term bisexual was nary considered an identification of sexuality.

It was a time of civil disobedience and protest against Vietnam and for civil rights and there we were, alone to confront our aggressors until one day we in a collective said “no more”.

Yes the celebration of Gay Pride month has come to an end for another year but the celebration continues one by one as others decide they will hide no longer, regular folk come to accept and become an advocate and we continue to press on until we have full Equality for all who identify as LGBT.

What was once a lonely walk along an uncertain road, today the road is more clear and filled with many footsteps, more than anyone could have ever imagined in that small bar in New York City.

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