What Will The LGBTs Have To Complain About In The 2016 Election

In what appears to be an affirmation of Equality in the 2012 election, just what will the Rainbow community have left to fight for in 2016 when it becomes an open fight for the Presidency ?

Same-sex marriage was approved by voters as was also in one instance the knocking down of a same-sex marriage ban in another.

Out politicians were elected including Republican sheriff Paul Babeu in Arizona who the LGBT Elites tried to run over and bury under the bus just because he was a Republican.

Now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected he has to keep those promises he made in 2008 to get the LGBT vote and their money too, some of which went unfulfilled over the past four years.

So if all that the LGBTs want happens including the final nail in the Prop 8 coffin via the SCOTUS and a ruling against DOMA, what will be left except for ENDA ?

And if ENDA is put into law .. what then ?

Equality has been served .. right ?

Will there be more sacraments to be found  which need to be fought for or will the battle be over. Only time will tell.

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