Career Ending Homophobia Hollywood’s Deepest And Darkest Secret

Rock-Hudson_imagelarge-thumb-200x180-15715Back towards the end of 2010 on the previous edition of this blog on WordPress I had written about homophobia in Hollywood.

What brought the writing was a comment made by actor Richard Chamberlain sometime after he “came out” and when discussing actors and actresses who are LG or B he offered the suggestion they should stay in the closet or risk their acting careers at least in Hollywood.

At the time that posting was one of the most read I had ever written and I thought it was lost when I deleted the previous edition of FOTR. But I have been pleasantly surprised to have found it as part of an article a friend of mine wrote on The Bilerico Project a few days after I wrote mine. Below the fold is a copy of the posting and with that in mind, these several years later and with some coming out in Hollywood, has it gotten any better or does homophobia still rear its ugly head among the movers and shakers of Hollywood magic.

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Would You Want To Meet One Of Your Rapists 25 Years Later

Real_Men When I saw a tweet earlier today from a blogging friend in regards to a new posting he had done I had no idea of what I was about to read, much less it was a personal account of a horrific part of his past.

I thought about writing something but decided not even though his blog is public as what he divulged is so personal. That is until just a short time before writing this I saw another tweet of how he received an email from another man proving that his posting is doing some good for men who are raped by other men.

The rape of men is oft not reported for a variety of reasons the least of which is shame and “who would believe it”. I’m not talking about boys being raped and assaulted by pedophiles but an adult man raping another adult man.

I can remember a made for TV movie in 1985 The Rape Of Richard Beck starring Richard Crenna which was one of the first movies to address the topic. Yes we hear about rape in prison among males, have seen it portrayed many times in movies and on TV including the award-winning HBO series Oz.

For many it’s such a taboo topic, and indeed thought, that this could and does actually happen it makes you wonder how many men, straight, gay or bi have lived in silence and who have not reported incidents to authorities.

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