The Brook Thanks For The Memories Of The Gay 70’s And 80’s

It was a typical Saturday night in the summer of the 70’s and 80’s.

The guys and on occassion the gals too plus myself would head down Rt. 7 to Westport and get there just as it was getting dark so when we pulled into the back parking area of The Brook our cars wouldn’t be seen even though we lived 20 or so minutes north of Westport.

These were the times we lived in, in the closet and the shadows. And that’s how paranoid we were, like someone from the greater Danbury area would actually be down in Westport for our cars to be seen.

We always drove separately as one never knew when one or all of us might hook up with someone, either for a quickie in the car, go to Sherwood Isle State Park or to an apartment for a night of “fun”.

These were pre-AIDS days, when it was macho and sexy to have a hairy chest, have a beard or mustache and only musclemen body shaved.

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