About This Blog

Since 2009 there have been several versions of Focus On The Rainbow (FOTR) by this writer starting with a version which ran over a year at Hearst Newspapers in Connecticut. Unfortunately that was deleted by Hearst after I stopped writing and started FOTR at another site which concluded after another year and that website shutdown so those postings were lost as well (see About The Publisher for the full events which brought about the “lost postings”).

So to control the destiny of my writings (and in a way preserve a history of LGBT events) I began two new versions of FOTR. One at blogspot.com in 2011 which has short opines about all things LGBT and this version in 2012 which has longer more in-depth writings.

Unlike earlier versions of FOTR where I did almost daily postings, both current versions have infrequent writings now more based upon something or someone who/which peaks my interest to write rather than throwing up postings to draw traffic for advertising (of which I gained no benefit). Both of these versions are ad free (although and beyond my control WP may insert an ad now and then when readers come on the site).


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