Let’s Get Something “Straight”: The Pulse Nightclub Shooting Is Not About ISIL

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I am so sad right now for my queer brothers and sisters in Florida. I grew up in South Florida—a place where even my bigoted, racist family found tolerance for gays and Jews.

But I’m also outraged.

We—the LGBTQ community—have been under siege for decades. From the 15,000+ homosexuals killed in the Holocaust under the Third Reich, the continual police raids on Stonewall Inn; to the brutal beating and death of Matthew Shepard; to the victims of The Upstairs Lounge whom churches in NoLa refused to hold services for or bury; to Jenny Jones Show guest Scott Amedure; to the thousands of LGBT youth who take their own lives and the hundreds of other gay, bi, and trans people who are routinely attacked; and finally to yesterday’s shooting at Pulse in Orlando.

“The religion of Islam hates homosexuals.”
Well, Christianity hates them just as much.

“Muslim extremism caused this.”
No. Still-rampant homophobia…

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