Okay So Michael Sam Kissed A Man .. Can We Now Move On Please

michael kicking nflSo there it was in all its amazing glory Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend in jubilant celebration of being picked by the Rams … LIVE and in living color for all to see on ESPN and in replay on multiple news outlets both national and local.

Good Lord you’d think no one had ever seen a man lip lock another man. Well in America and around the world many probably haven’t. Guess what folks it happens now let’s move on after all it is 2014 not the early 70’s when Archie Bunker found out one of his pals from school who he admired for his athletic abilities playing football was gay.

I can appreciate the fact that someone who is openly gay has finally and with great thanks to the Rams broken down that door to the NFL or as I in previous writings have referred to the NFL as the No Faggot League.

Yes it deserves much conversation but the kiss … would so many be outraged if he had lip locked a woman .. of course not.

But it has happened and it’s now time to celebrate Michael Sam the football player who just happens to be gay. Get over it folks this is real life … it may not be yours but it is life in 2014 nonetheless.


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