Move The 2014 Olympics .. Why Didn’t I Think Of That Dumb Idea

moving11Well we’ve gone from dumping perfectly good vodka as was done several years ago with perfectly good rum to calling for a boycott by the US which would only penalize US athletes to now a call from none other than Mr. Sulu to move the 2014 Winter Olympics from Russia to Canada and including one of those silly on-line petitions no less.

[dramatic pause for reader to bang head upon keyboard or spew liquid from mouth at screen]

Yes the Oh My guy who I like very much has fallen into the LGBT Eilite pit of cow manure with this recommendation.

Does anyone give any complete thought before offering such silliness … obviously not.

The logistics alone are staggering, people who have already made plans to attend will, what now have to make new plans to go to Canada. Just the idea of it boggles the mind almost as much as it does that someone would actually come up with this delirium of the mind. Why burden Canada with another money losing Olympic event and who says they would want it.

Is it any wonder people find LGBTs laughable and a societal group to be pitied.

So for anyone else who between now and the 2014 Winter Olympics may come up with some sort of a suggestion or idea about how to show displeasure with Russia’s treatment of LGBTs, think about it once …. then twice …. then a third time …

and then shut up.

Don’t believe me .. check this out from a mainstream press source.

After all what do I know … I’m just a former award winning sports journalist who aired over 70 reports during the 1980 Winter Olympics held in Lake Placid, NY.

For more commentary read this and this common sense approach.

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