Russian Activist Finds Call For Vodka Boycott Insanely Laughable

Nikolai_Alekseev_Gay_Activist_Russian_Vodka_BoycottRecently a call went out to boycott a certain brand of vodka over the continuing anti-gay bias and activity in Russia.

The boycott called for by many of the LGBT elites many the same who years ago called for a boycott of Jamaican rum once again made this writer roll his eyes and shake his head.

Rather than putting my continual words of criticizing the elites I’ll let someone else do it, like-minded blog writer Steve Publicover who writes in his piece about Russian activist Nikolai Alekseev’s reaction to the boycott in which he has been quoted as saying, “I think all this bullshitting about boycotting Russian vodka only makes outsiders (heteros, authorities, media) think that all gays are real alcoholics that their boycott can have impact on Vodka sales and that they have nothing else to boycott except Vodka. LOL.” 

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