Anderson Cooper Not Worthy Of GLAAD Until He’s Finally Out

acAs had been reported several days ago Anderson Cooper will be receiving the Vito Russo Award from GLAAD on March 16th.

The award named after one of the founders of GLAAD “honors an openly gay media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equality”.

How nice.

It would appear that AC an accomplished award winning journalist working now for two TV networks plus has his own daytime talk show is only worthy of an award or positive notice from GLAAD because he came out of his glass closet last year.

The award has nothing to do with his journalistic accomplishments but the fact that he is now an out and proud nellie and joins the rest of us LGBTs.

Many in the LGBT world including bloggers and the Lavender press for several years have called Cooper many names, none flattering, because he would not come out and proud.

Since he came out they all kiss his boo-de-aye and want to cuddle with him in bed. He is now the darling of many including those who would have liked to chain him to the back of a truck and drag him kicking and screaming until he gave in and said “YES I’M GAY !!!”

Does anyone aside from myself see the hypocrisy in this. No need to answer as it’s a rhetorical question and you can’t leave a comment anyway.

So it is that Cooper is now GLAAD’s newest love child but only of course because he is “out”.

What Cooper should do but won’t because he is much more tactful than myself and doesn’t want to hurt feelings nor create waves nor make enemies, something this writer doesn’t worry about because I “tell it like it is”, is tell GLAAD to take their award and stuff it where the sun don’t shine.

If winning an award and finally getting acceptance from a group of LGBT Elites is conditioned on being out and proud that speaks volumes about that group’s unveiled hypocrisy.

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