2012 Is The Year When Being LGBT Has Become Oh So So Passe

2012Remember the phrase “be careful what you wish for” ?

Well after so many years since Stonewall, 2012 has become the year when being LGBT has become mainstream.

Yes there were many great moments in politics, the move towards Equality continues and more and more celebs came out and proud with even a couple of media celebs now tying de Rainbow knot.

But as  the year winds down news stories about being LGBT has become dare I say it, mainstream.

Oh sure there are and will always be the haters as there are towards any minority. Some will try to continue to stand in the way of Equality, but the shock value of news about LGBTs is over.

We are my sisteren and brothern, now passe.

The long time more outspoken LGBT blogs have less and less to complain about, so much so that postings which it seemed at times were being posted every hour, now have dried up to a trickle in comparison.

“News” LGBT blogs and websites now really have to do some work to find LGBT news matter to add to their websites, now often looking overseas for news.

Many hoped and wished for the day when being LGBT would be no big deal.

Well kids it’s here.

How’s ya like it ?

All the best for 2013 and the next time you tell someone you’re LGBT be prepared for the new response ….. “so ?”


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