The Trans Killing Season And Gay GOPer Kills Himself After Election

It seems like it’s a killing season of transgenders and transsexuals according to an article at GayStarNews and a report from the Trans Murder Monitoring project.

New figures released yesterday by the Trans Murder Monitoring project show 265 trans people were known to be the victims of violent killings across the world over the last 12 months.

The figures show a nearly 20% increase from last year, when 221 trans murders were reported.

Most of the reported murders happened in Brazil (126) but Transgender Europe pointed out that the number of killings in Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras and Guatemala ‘is equally or even more worrying in view of the much smaller population sizes of these countries’.

In other news also from GayStarNews, a 64 year old man who lived in Key West, Florida has committed suicide after the victory of POTUS Obama. The man a gay Republican was found by his partner.

This should make all those bloggers and in particular OutQ’s Michelangelo Signorile very happy as many of them said or implied that LGBT GOP supporters should take a dose of Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid and do themselves in for being GOPers.

Signorile before the election told an LGBT GOPer to go to a store, buy some arsenic, make a potion and drink it.

Bullying, no matter from who can and often does have it consequences.

Of course none of them would even think to take any responsibility in telling an LGBT Republican that they are a worthless piece of crap and better off dead.

So it is in this Rainbow community, find fault with those who bully LGBTs but never look in the mirror when they bully a member of the community just because they have different political views.

I hope these dumb ass fucking bastards can now sleep at night knowing there is one less “traitor” to the LGBT cause walking and breathing.


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