Sean Savoy Sets The Record Straight About House of Savoy & KKFT

Before I get into the details of the show recorded Tuesday evening (September 18) with Sean Savoy there are a couple of things I need to address.

This writer didn’t win accolades from the Associated Press back in the 70’s for his sloppiness of journalism. It was for interviews and reporting with facts placed squarely in check.

My contributions to the ABC Sports Radio Network, the Associated Press Audio Service and some radio stations which I offered as a “stringer” weren’t picked up and broadcast because I didn’t have the full and complete story.

With that being said the version of Focus On The Rainbow is an opinion and commentary blog often critical of talking heads, orgs and others in the LGBT community. But even so that commentary needs to be backed up by all the facts that I can find before this writer puts fingertips to keyboard.

Unfortunately such was not the case, as I have come to realize when I chastised Sean Savoy, and in no uncertain terms, when it came to light that his show House of Savoy was canceled by Reno, NV radio station KKFT-FM after a show which aired on August 12 was an interview with Will Kolb an LGBT activist and in the program issues affecting LGBTs were discussed.

That posting on August 31 (with two follow ups) can be found here.

In the posting this journalist, an award winner at that, did the unthinkable when it comes to “getting the story right”.

I presumed the facts not knowing all the facts, when I pretty much called Savoy a whiner for losing his gig, backing up that “calling out” with the fact that in 2006 myself and over a hundred others were downsized in the radio division of CBS Broadcasting.

So “outraged” was I which caused me to write the post, that here was someone, and with my the presumption of “knowing all the facts”, was complaining about losing his job and turning it into a cause to defeat homophobia and in turn as an opinion writer, I “let him have it”.

Well I was wrong.

Hence when Savoy left a comment on the posting I reached out to him to come on my new interview program on BlogTalkRadio. A snowball’s chance in Hell I figured, but Savoy said yes, and being a man of his word, I did the interview with him.

The interview accomplished two things, it allowed him to set the record straight not only as to what happened, which in some cases has been twisted by some LGBT blogs and websites, but also to give me the opportunity to right a journalistic wrong.

For Savoy’s graciousness in doing the interview, I am grateful, I don’t know that I would have been so gracious if the shoe had been on the other foot.

In the interview Savoy clearly states the events which transpired, the cancellation of the show, his status as to whether or not he was an employee of KKFT-FM and how GLAAD got involved, which had it not I suppose this story would never have gone beyond Reno, NV.

Something which I brought up and which Savoy agreed with, I found it very strange that although there were many who were ready to pounce on this story after GLAAD ran their press release and label this event as censorship by a homophobic radio station owner, there has been no follow-up (at the time of this writing) and how the story has continued. I ran a story (in the link above) that Savoy’s program is now being heard on KJFK-AM, that posting written the day it first aired on its new home. Savoy of course promoted it on his FB and GLAAD just recently added a note to its original press release.

However, elsewhere in the places where so many wrote about the cancellation .. nothing. Yes this journalist made an error, but did continue the story beyond the story of homophobia in the media. Something even Savoy took note of in the interview.

To err is human, to be a journalist one can not afford to do so, even in commentary.

You’ll find the interview at this link and runs 30 minutes.

The interview is done in “old style” when I was on-the-air in the 70’s and 80’s where you ask the person being interviewed a question and let him/her talk and not cutting in, something which lacks today in both radio and TV. After all the interview is supposed to be about the person being interviewed not the interviewer.

Although it was not promoted as such, I suppose one could label it an exclusive.


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  1. Sean Savoy says:

    Thank you, Lyndon, for the opportunity to be on your program and allowing me to speak and “be myself” on the show. I hope your listeners will forgive me for having been a bit animated, but the entire ordeal has been somewhat emotional both for professional and personal reasons. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by a professional journalist who sees a good story to begin with, stimulates the conversation, has no problems admitting when there’s been an error or omission, and who follows up to keep the audience engaged. Now, that’s news. Well done!

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