The Great Brian Brown vs Dan Savage Dinner Debate … Check Please

The long anticipated, by some, video of Dan Savage and Brain Brown sitting down to a discussion of religion, marriage and all things gay was a non-event.

All it showed, as can be seen anywhere in America, was two men having a civilized discussion, debate is much to strong a word other than to give headlines to articles, and in the end “agreeing to disagree”.

No screaming, no name calling, not even a whisper of bullying. Frankly I found it quite a refreshing thing to see.

While biased supporters of both will declare victory there was none except for humanity itself. The only thing this writer found of any interest was the Biblical knowledge all three expounded either from background, schooling or both and how they “talked” rather than “yelled” as I’m sure many were looking for. This was after all not an interview with members of that “Hate The Fags” church.

Two of opposing viewpoints can sit down and have a discussion on social topics. No gain was made for either side, nor any taken away. This is the way it is, you are not going to change the minds of either side which are so firm in their belief. Only those somewhere out in America who have not made up their mind, may at some point finally side one way or the other. But then again those of that nature may feel “it doesn’t affect me … so what”.

I do belive a review of the dinner they ate would prove more interesting than any review of Brown/Savage which will be provided on countless blogs and websites, both gay and straight, Liberal and Conservative. Check please.


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