The FRC Shooter Didn’t Act Alone There Is Way Too Much Cupablility

Since I started blogging in 2006 not a day goes by that on one or more of the “popular” LGBT blogs or websites rhetoric is written regarding the Family Research Council, AFA, NOM and any other group or individual which is to be seen as anti-LGBT in one form or another. The same can be said in other forms of LGBT media including terrestrial and satellite radio and video presentations on YouTube and the like.

These articles, postings and opines go well beyond the act of reporting news and events, often over the top with as much hate and venom spewed as those they condemn.

Those who leave comments or contribute to the spoken word the same way are equally at fault.

What fault ?

The fault of setting an atmosphere so volatile that finally an explosion has taken place.

A yet to be determined state of mind of the alleged shooter will most likely in part be attributed to what he has read, heard and seen in the LGBT media, either professional or novice, regarding FRC and the like.

And it’s not just the previous at fault but also GLAAD, HRC, The Lesbian and Gay Task Force, other groups and individual activists who when combined with the aforementioned create a brainwashing of “them against us”.

Surely those mentioned did not put the gun in the shooter’s hand, but, and though they collectively do not have the courage to look deep within themselves or look in the mirror nor look into their archives for fear of what they may see, they most certainly aided in pulling the trigger.

That my friends is culpability. It has an ugly taste for those involved but they must take some responsibility for what has transpired. To do otherwise is to ignore the obvious.

When someone is bombarded day after day with slanted and biased information and opine, those of weaker minds will take for literal what they are exposed to. While no one said to go out and shoot anyone the continued use of  “them against us” will eventually fill an avenger’s mind.

The same has been said of the viewers and listeners of FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and countless others of the conservative side of the media including the printed word when violence against others has reared its ugly head.

The difference between those and the LGBT purveyors of information and opine, the latter can take it upon themselves to change what they offer to readers, listeners and viewers.

To do less is to put themselves into the same category of those they despise and ridicule or call out.

But alas when all is said and done nothing will change and we will wait for another incident, one which may not have the same lucky ending as the shooting at FRC.

Quite frankly I’m surprised it has taken so long for something like this  to happen.


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