The Family Research Council Shooting … Blaming The Gay Agenda

As many know by the time of this opine a shooting took place this morning at the headquarters of the Family Research Council in Washington, DC.

The alleged shooter, Floyd Corkins II of Herndon Virginia walked into the lobby of the building where FRC is located, was confronted by a security guard, who allegedly, Corkins shot in the arm/shoulder. The guard and others on scene brought the gunman down to the ground before anyone else could be shot. The security guard is said to be recovering in the hospital. The gunman was arrested and is in the hands of the FBI. It’s been reported the shooter recently purchased the gun legally and had been complaining about FRC’s conservative stances on issues, presumably LGBT issues in particular. Just before the shooting occurred the shooter made a “negative reference” about the FRC.

Various media reports said the shooter had a bag with Chick-Fil-A “material” in it and he was a volunteer at an LGBT center, The DC Center for the LGBT Community.

More than a dozen LGBT groups and their representatives sent out a collective email deploring the shooting.

But as would be expected the anti-gay, Right-Wing and other Conservatives are taking this opportunity to blame those on the Left and those who are pro-LGBT and directly or indirectly LGBTs themselves for this yet another incident of gun-toting madness.

The blog The New Civil Rights Movement has an excellent piece in regards to what is being said and/or written placing blame for the shooting directly on LGBT rhetoric purveyed against the Family Research Council and other groups of the like.

The only opine if you will I will offer on this, just as those who want and urge gun control jump out of the woodwork during shootings, so now we have those against LGBTs using this event to push their agenda.

In both cases such actions are as deplorable as the action which brought about their action.

And perhaps, though likely not, if it turns out the shooter did this deed in the name of LGBT then those LGBT bloggers ought to look at the rhetoric they spew forth regarding these anti-gay groups just as in the case of other shootings where it’s said a shooter did the deed because of what he read, heard or saw.

There is then it would seem blame to go around, far around the LGBT blogosphere.

Be that the case at least this writer/blogger can rest easy at night and not have that weight of guilt on his head.


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