Is Outing Jonathan Merritt Important Or Just Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

So there’s all this brew-ha-ha of late about blogger Azariah Southworth “outing” Jonathan Merritt, the son of evangelist James Merritt.

According to Merritt, “as we were saying goodbye, we had physical contact that went beyond the bounds of friendship. I was overcome with guilt, knowing I had put myself in an unwise situation. We never saw each other again and we ceased contact after a period of time.”

And that “physical contact” which could have been nothing more than a hug and a kiss warrants Southworth to “out” Merritt.

Southworth says he has reservations about outing Merritt, “Exposing this truth of Jonathan’s sexual orientation is not an easy decision for me. I take no pleasure in doing this. As I type this my stomach is turning because I know of the backlash he will receive. I have thought about what all of this will mean for him and for me. I base my reasoning in the importance of living an authentic and honest life. We must have radical honesty in the character, intentions and identities of our leaders.”

This “encounter” occurred back in 2009 so why bring all this out in the open now in 2012  outside of bringing an embarrassment to Merritt’s dad, the fact Merritt has spoken out against the Chick-Fil-A boycott (as have I by the way as it just more dumbbassadrey from the LGBT Elites and the sheep who follow) and to get fifteen minutes of Rainbow fame for Southworth.

So it is if Merritt puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger will these dumbass bastards be happy then ?

It will be on Southworth’s and all these LGBT Elite bloggers and others heads if this “outing” brings Merritt to the same conclusion of his life as it did Tyler Clementi.

Hopefully Merritt will have the strength to endure and the support of his family and friends over this useless example of “outing” other than to give Southworth his fifteen minutes of undeserved fame while “I take no pleasure in doing this”. Yeah right sweet cheeks.

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