The Continuing Bigotry Against Bisexuals In The LGBT Community

The other night when I was on my “mental health” hour from work and sitting in my car at Dunkin Donuts having a cup of coffee, I was listening to 1010 WINS one of the all news radio stations in NYC.

The announcer was talking about some of the gay Pride parades which had taken place during the day and said to paraphrase, “members of the LGT community came out today to celebrate their Pride.”

Needless to say the announcer and/or writer of the news story was ignorant of the fact that there is more to LGT and bisexuals make up a big part of the community. Here again and this time by a news announcer we were made to be invisible.

On June 23, Sarah Cope wrote an article on the UK version of Huff Post titled, Bisexuality, Bigotry and Bindle, Bindel referring to Julie Bindle who as Cope writes, Last week Julie Bindel told bisexual women that if they had an ounce of sexual politics, they would stop sleeping with men.

Cope continued, As the recent Bisexuality Report highlighted – and as Bindel’s article reiterated – biphobia is still sadly very prevalent and this has a hugely negative effect on the lives of many bisexuals. The report made reference to a number of studies which repeatedly found that bisexual people are more likely to suffer from mental health problems and less likely to be at ease with their sexuality or ‘out’ to family and friends than gay men and lesbians. One of the reasons for this, the report concluded, was the often negative response bisexuals get from both heterosexuals and gay people.

Just as there are transgender activists and GLAAD who want the word transsexual wiped from use and dialog, so too are there those who have the unmitigated gall to suppose that one has to be only gay, lesbian or straight with no middle ground and not be inclusive of those who are attracted to and enjoy the sexuality of both sexes, male and female.

Frankly as I’ve written several times before I believe there is a certain amount of jealousy in the fact we can be switch-hitters, can enjoy marriage and all civil rights due all Americans and others in various countries, plus enjoy the newly found Rights if we deem to marry or have a civil union with one of the same sex.

Bigotry, yes I have seen it too, but now I’m at a certain age and place in my life where as once said, “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”. But not everyone has my big and broad shoulders to let such bigotry to roll off.

The B … we can do well without the LGT but can they do without us in the grand scheme of LGBT activism and seeking Equality ?

Try as you might to make us invisible or turn us one way or the other to your liking, just keep knocking your head against that anti-Bi wall until it’s good and bloody. We’re here to stay whether you like it or not.


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