The Courage Of Jerry Sandusky’s Accusers To Take The Stand & Tell

We’ve seen it countless times over the years on Law & Order SVU, detectives and prosecutors trying to persuade the accusers of sexual abuse to take the stand, face the perpetrator and relive the horror of the sexual abuse they endured.

But this is not scripted episodic TV, this is real life with alleged real victims and an alleged pedophile with high standing in his community and career. These are not actors reading lines from writers, these are real men of various ages reliving and telling their recollection of abuse at the hands of someone they trusted and looked up to. 52 counts of sexual abuse from 10 accusers who now muster the courage to tell what they had dared not before.

While the trial has been ongoing now for a mere couple of days of testimony from some of the victims, what has been reported in the media as to some of the testimony given in regards to the alleged sexual abuse at the hands of Sandusky can make even the most stone hearten person cringe and perhaps even bring a tear to eye.

For all of these young men, both who have testified and will do so before this trial is over, to summon the courage to reveal their stories in front of strangers and knowing some of the accounts will make it into the press for all to read and see, goes beyond the scope of what most individuals can or would do in correcting a wrong, a very deep and troubling wrong.

Even though the identity of those testifying is “protected” at some point names will be named and testimony ever be tied to their life. A very high price to finally be able to tell what they couldn’t before to family and friends much less complete strangers.

And to have to do so in front of the very person who allegedly committed the acts is incomprehensible to most people to ever be put in such a position.

Over a decade of alleged sexual abuse against boys and no one knew anything except the perpetrator and the victims. Someone had to know, or at least suspect long before all of these allegations against Sandusky came to light last year.

As with the Catholic Church, other churches of faith, sexual abuse of children in families and via the Internet and the neighborhood corner, no one speaks up. No one wants to make a claim against a pillar of society because no one will believe it. No victim wants to speak up because of threats made against them or their families or friends.

Silence is what pedophiles count on.

After this trial is over and if the accusers are believed more than accused, perhaps, just perhaps someone will speak up or do something sooner.

Imagine how many lives would be different today in this case alone if after the first victim someone just gave a damn, pointed fingers and stopped the alleged inappropriate behavior.

There are plenty to take that blame in the Sandusky case and it didn’t need a voice spoken from a victim. There were plenty of observations made as previously reported when this case first made news.

But some were more concerned with their career or marriage or dare not point a finger at a pillar of community.

How many times has that happened ?

One only needs to watch episodes of Law & Order SVU to answer that question.


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