Will Sheriff Paul Babeu Keep Or Lose Republican Voters

Arizona Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu who was forced to come out of the closet when a “former boyfriend” accused Babeu with “abuse of power” and filed a lawsuit against the popular Sheriff, recently withdrew his Republican Congressional bid due to the controversy surrounding the lawsuit, his “conduct” on social networks which was revealed and a severe drop in fundraising dollars and backers.

In an article at GayStarNews titled “Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu Says His Republican Party Needs Gays Like Him” Babeu said in a recent interview with Don Lemon of CNN, “To be truly inclusive, and not just say we’re inclusive and a big tent, we’ve got to show this.” he adds. “We’ve got to have other people in there with a voice.“.

In an Opinion piece this past Sunday at The Arizona Republic the opine reads in part, Controversy alone is not reason to reject a candidate. In fact, Babeu’s self-styled role as an outspoken illegal-immigration hard-liner made him a target of criticism. His claims that the allegations are politically motivated could be true.

But one thing is clear: Babeu ignored the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office’s social-media policy about avoiding activities that can “reflect poorly” on an officer’s professionalism or judgment.

Everybody has a right to privacy. But officers are held to a higher standard, on and off duty. That’s because public confidence and trust are essential. These folks have to be above reproach.

While Babeu may be (or had been) a popular Sheriff which voters supported, the question is come November will Republican voters have a memory like an elephant as they enter the voting booth or will they have forgotten and forgiven by then?

Frankly when it comes to being an example of LGBTs in the Republican party in Arizona, LGBTs and Republicans alike could do much better than Sheriff Paul Babeu and the baggage he brings particulary for the Conservatives of the party.


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