Why Having Tony Perkins And Other Anti-Gays On TV Is Good

Many of the LGBT Elites both bloggers and orgs like GLAAD have said news orgs such as CNN and in particular MSNBC should stop having the likes of Tony Perkins and other anti-gays on their networks as talking heads.

I’ve written before that censorship of any type when it comes to news is intolerable and banning certain talking heads can lead to a slippery slope of censorship regardless of their POV even when they are known for their anti-gay views.

GLAAD not to long ago put a “hit list” on its website of those who should not be allowed the chance to partake in offering opinion on any subject matter because of their views on homosexuals.

The reason in this writer’s opinion aside from censorship why it is important to allow these purveyors of hate the opportunity to be seen and heard was made abundantly clear recently on the Chris Matthews show Hardball

I’d like to see anyone now make the argument that Perkins and others should be banned.


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