When TV Coverage Of Gay News Is Too Much Of A Good Thing

It all started with Vice-President Joe Biden warming up to the idea of same-sex marriage.

Now going into day six what with the “historic” announcement from President Obama in favor of same-sex marriage you can’t tune into any news program either local or network and not see coverage in regards to the aforementioned or all things LGBT.

Coverage deserved, of course, but even all this “news” can become too much particularly when it comes to viewers in the “Heartland of America”. Imagine the kitchen table conversations or those made during newscasts when various Media keep showing over and over gays and lesbians kissing.

Now being thrown into the mix Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his antics while in private school as a teenager and his reaction to same-sex marriage both past, current and re-invented.

All this coverage, and this writer says over coverage, is doing more harm than good when it comes to LGBTs.

There are a lot of closed-minded folks out there in the TV viewing land and they aren’t just the typical Conservative and Religious zealots who use any excuse to gay bash in their commentary and actions.

Just regular folks who find the progress of LGBTs very low on their scope and horizon and are more concerned how they will keep a roof over their head, pay bills and provide their family with food.

As the old saying goes, “it’s the economy stupid”, and what we now have with all this coverage is the possibility of a backlash against this community through no fault of its own wanting only to celebrate some good news for a change.

However to drag this news on ad nauseam both in presentation and talking heads, and in the way some Media outlets are presenting the news with images which are a clear affront to some viewers will not help us in the short-term, in fact could be detrimental.

Don’t be surprised if reports of gay bashing start to appear in the news. People can get fed up with repeats of the most benign news but when the news covers a particular group and the definition of what that group is or stands for which goes against what is socially acceptable for some people there is the very real potential for backlash.

Yes there can be too much of a good thing and I for one will be glad when all this news coverage has died down and the news cycle moves on.

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