President Barack Obama Cashing In On The LGBT Piggy Bank

So it is that President Barack Obama is being hailed for his “visionary” evolutionary formal public belief that gays and lesbians should be allowed to enter into marital bliss just as heterosexuals.

While this is making headlines until the next news cycle when another “major” event or story comes along, I find it interesting and with much amusement that those LGBT bloggers who not too long ago during Obama’s term as President have been more than willing to throw him under the bus and were yelling to pull the plug and break the LGBT piggy bank and now have short self-imposed memories as they are playing “Hail To The Chief“.

This opine has less to do with POTUS’ revelation and evolvement than it does with the hypocrisy of LGBT bloggers and activists.

What a difference a few words can make.

Never mind that while in office Obama has done more for LGBTs than any other President, that was not enough not too long ago for the Elites in the Rainbow community.

Remember that old song “Stand By Your Man“, well it means not just for today or tomorrow or when your man agrees with you but always.

These the same folks who want so badly to be Equal when it comes to marriage have oft forgotten some of the key marriage vows, “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part“.

Given time between now and November there will be those who, for an unknown reason at this time, will once again throw Obama under the bus, ask for a divorce and break the piggy.

The LGBT Elites …. they are so predictable. And why thank God they really don’t speak for the majority of us … even if they in their narcissistic minds think they do.


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