The Opinion Evolution On Same-Sex Marriage … Wink Wink

There are those of late praising President Barack Obama for “evolving” on his opinion of whether gays and lesbians should be allowed to legally marry and have all the rights therein as heterosexual married couples.

Most recent in lavishing praise is the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in regards to Vice-President Joe Biden for his comments on this past Sunday’s edition of Meet The Press and Education Secretary Arne Duncan talking on this morning’s MSNBC show Morning Joe.

In fact the topic is the talk of the cable news channels. Must be a slow news day otherwise only Thomas Roberts and Rachel Maddow would be having the in-depth discussion on their respective shows which is being seen today.

“Arne Duncan joins Joe Biden now in embracing civil marriage for committed gay and lesbian couples. Duncan speaking out is particularly important given his role as the nation’s top education official,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese in a statement Monday. “In supporting marriage equality, he communicates to all students that they deserve an equal shot at the American dream of love, family and equality. There’s no doubt in my mind that the president shares these values and that’s why it’s time for him to speak out in favor of marriage equality as well.” – CBS News reported on its website today.

Meanwhile a poll which the media keeps using shows an almost equal percentage flip from one year to another for and against same-sex marriage with now more Americans in favor.

But polls are just a small sampling where demographics and geography can actually tilt a poll and not give a true overall evaluation of what people think in all parts of the country.

If the same poll were given in say the Bible Belt only, one can surmise it would show a more negative view as opposed to a poll taken in more liberal parts of the U.S.

And then there is the age factor. Older generations tend to have a negative view while younger generations have a more positive view.

So while LGBTs may be hailing the poll the media is using, they are actually grasping for hopeful straws, anything which shows being LGBT is more acceptable today as they look at things through rose-colored glasses.

Polls really don’t matter to a hill of beans, nor do what politicans may say as they “evolve” in an election year.

It is what takes place at the ballot box which matters and when voters really give their opinion on matters or those running for office. This writer believes that until older generations die off, putting same-sex marriage up to a vote and winning in favor of, is a long time off.

As we have seen it will take state legislatures and then governors with the courage and conviction that everyone is Equal to see same-sex marriage come to be on a state by state basis.

And as long as DOMA looms overhead on a Federal level those who are able to celebrate exchanging vows are still not Equal and can create a nightmare for couples as we have seen moving from state to state. Unfortunately at this time you can’t take your Rights from one state to another, or even country to country for those legally married outside of the United States.

Strives, yes, the LGBT community has come a very long way since the days of Stonewall, even further than this writer would have thought to live to see, but will I, in 12 years from now when I’m 70 and enjoying my hopeful fruits of retirement, be able to turn on the news and not have to watch reports of LGBTs still fighting for Equality and acceptance ?

And then on Wednesday (5/9) while gays and lesbians are understandably unhappy with the result of the vote on Tuesday in North Carolina which now prohibits same-sex marriage and even civil unions, in an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC News, Obama now comes out and supports same-sex marriage and as skeptics may say, just in time for the fund-raiser being thrown in Hollywood by George Clooney, a place where being gay and glad-handing Democrats with support money go hand in hand as long of course as you’re on the LGBT side of social issues.

While those who are looking on the bright and hopeful side today of the Same-Sex Marriage Evolution and overall acceptability of being LGBT, be very wary of the Wink-Wink particularly during an election year.

In the end when it comes to what matters to voters this November it isn’t going to be about same-sex marriage, it is going to be about the economy. And whether Obama got “pushed” by the comments of Biden and Duncan or has found an opportunity of convenience to add voters to his side from the lines of Independents and the youngest generation of voters, it takes the spotlight off his handling the economy, for better or worse, at least until the next news cycle. Wink … Wink.

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